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Related article: as Aspirin Aleve now Is Aleve An Aspirin is the case, be the neces- sary recipients of charity — espe- cially uncalled-for, Aleve With Ibuprofen seeing that probably most of the people asked to relieve them have already sub- scribed to the Hunt Servants' Benefit Society, or are honorary members of it, and thus can hardly in fairness be asked a second time to help in a case where a little more forethought would have relieved them of the burden. May I also be forgiven for noticing that, of gentlemen and ladies in the different hunts who have undertaken to collect sub- scriptions for the Society, many hunts are without representatives r Surely this is not quite as it should be. To keep up the volume of voluntary aid of which the Society now boasts is not an easy matter in the ever fluctuating numbers and personality of hunt- ing people, and such a Society as this should undoubtedly be repre- sented by a collector in every established country throughout the United Kingdom. Even life members are continually dying out, and it requires others to take their places, and the claims on hunt funds are now becoming so multi- farious What Is Aleve For that this, the noblest of hunting institutions, must never be relegated to the background. Only in forty Is Aleve Aspirin packs in the United Kingdom does there appear to be an existing collector, according to the last annual report, and even many of these have not the asterisk opposite their names denoting their success in having gathered subscriptions during the last year. Speaking of hunt servants as a class, what an excellent example they are of civility, diligence, straightforwardness, honesty and good behaviour ! Who amongst us who have had long experience in the hunting-field can gainsay this ? And the same can be amply verified by those who have seen them in their kennel and other duties. It has often puzzled me to know why the hunt servant should almost invariably be superior in manner and bearing to the men who, as grooms or in other like occupations, may Aleve And Naproxen be considered of equal social standing, although, as a matter of fact, this is seldom the case. Is it not because during the last century there has sprung up, as it were, a generation of hunt servants, bred from a good stock, and like their hounds, carefully watched over by masters, who have endued them by regular intercourse, exarfiple^ and precept, with all the good Is Aleve Naproxen attributes that they themselves have cultivated, and happily pos- sessed? Not only this, but hunt servants are thrown continually into the society (without mixing with it, however), of well-bred, and, as a rule, well-behaved people. From the necessity of their calling, arrogance and pride are rare attri- butes, whereas diligence, and the fact that there is always so much to do, and learn to do well, in their daily duties, inculcates a regularity of life and habits, which must of necessity tell in a man's favour as he advances in life and in his profession, thus winning for himself a respect, which in a great majority of cases he carries with him to the grave. It is not the lot of all hunt servants to attain the height of their ambi- tion and become huntsmen, and yet how many who fail in this have no difficulty in gaining places of trust outside the precincts of the kennel, Aleve Mg when middle age over- takes them. In the course of many years' experience I have had often the pleasurable remembrance of chats by the fireside, or in the kennel, with well-known hunt servants, from all of which I have come away refreshed and happy, assured that 8 BAILY S MAGAZINE. Qakuakt sport, guided and handled by such men, must be, and is, sport indeed ! I could recount, but probably have already done so throughout my long years of babbling in your revered pages, anecdotes and experiences which hunt servants above all others can furnish us with. Suffice it here, however, only to say what I know will be re-echoed by your readers, that the hunt servant is a typical man, and as such is in almost every case worthy of the benefits which have been bestowed Coupons For Aleve on him. It may not be generally known, but Aleve Vs Advil the fact appears by the records of the Hunt Benefit Society now before me, that the late Mr. George Lane Fox, so far back as 1883, provided Ibuprofen And Aleve for the purchase of an annuity and a life insurance for Tom Smith, his excellent and well-beloved hunts- man at Bramham. Nor is this, I believe, a solitary instance of long and faithful service being remembered by a master. There are several instances where hunt servants' testimonials have formed the plan of purchase of life an- nuities in the Society, such a plan being in every Advil Vs Aleve way to be recom- mended. "Nature's gentlemen" is Aleve Coupons the only Naproxen And Aleve apt title by Aleve Coupon which to describe our leading professional himtsmen, and I leave it to my experienced readers to particularise those to whom I would refer. Some of them unhappily are not destined to remain on the active list much longer, and some have already retired, but in all instances their fame and good name will be handed down to posterity in hunting annals as patterns that should have a glorious following. How better can we show our thorough appreciation of them than by, according to our means, assisting annually to improve their prospects as a class, and inasmuch as they live and work in their best days to add to our pleasure, and risk their necks for our enjoyment, let us assure them of a comfortable old age, and a freedom from care, in the provision for those de- pendent upon them. Thus we shall not Is Aleve An Ibuprofen only be carrying out a bounden duty, but we shall also be furthering the cause of hunting in one of its most material neces- sities. Put it well up in your sub- scription list for 1899, all friends of hunting. Borderer. *^ Don't" — To Ingenuous Polo Players. Don't attempt, unless you have a very extraordinary knowledge of horses, to buy ponies for yourself when you begin polo; ask Coupon For Aleve some discreet and experienced player to let you know What Is In Aleve when there is a good beginner's pony for sale. Speed is not one of the requirements necessary to such a pony. Argen- Aleve Versus Advil tines and x\rabs are most likely to suit you. If the pony goes very fast you will not have so much time to hit Taking Aleve the ball, and when you